UV Disinfection

Municiple UV Disinfection 

Expanding around the world, UV disinfection is a well
established technology for disinfection of Municiple
Water and Waste water. Main application includes:

Water Supplies Disinfection
Sewage post treatment disinfection
Drinking water systems
Advanced oxidation

Main Advantages of UV are:

  • UV disinfection is effective at inactivating most viruses, spores, and cysts
  • UV disinfection is a physical process rather than a chemical disinfectant, which eliminates the need to generate, handle, transport, or store toxic/hazardous or corrosive chemicals.
  • There is no residual effect that can be harmful to humans or aquatic life.
  • UV disinfection is user-friendly for operators.
  • UV disinfection has a shorter contact time when compared with other disinfectants (approximately 20 to 30 seconds with low-pressure lamps).
  • UV disinfection equipment requires less space than other methods.

Commercial Applications of UV Disinfection

Widely used in public developments, UV disinfection is a simple, yet cost effective solution to ensuring that the water is safe for commercial developments.

Main Areas of water applications includes:

Sports and Recreation areas

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