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Grey Water Recycle System

System Description

The GWS incorporates the following unit of operations:
BioCELL Fibrous filters system
Activated Carbon Filtration unit
Chlorine Disinfection system
Refer also to details technical specification.

[BioCELL Fibrous Filter]
Synthetic-Bio-media manufactured modules to allow biogrowth as attached growth biological process. In grey water, BOD is digested to and acceptable level for re-application of the waste water.
Aerators are integrated under the bio-media to ensure optimum adsorption of oxygen in the liquor allowing enhanced biogrowth.

[Activated Carbon Filtration]
Using special blend of activated carbon with aggregate most suitable for grey water, organics are adsorbed in the system and providing polishing function.
Backwash and regeneration is carries out under automatic sequence controls.

[Chlorine Disinfection]
Sodium hypochlorite solution under sequence control is dosed into the main stream to provide disinfection of the liquor yet, low residual chlorine allows re-application of treated water for use in irrigation and cooling water.
System incorporates polymeric chemical tank, injection nozzle automatic dosing pump and on-line chlorine monitor.

Specification Features

Biological treatment (BioCELL) carbon Adsorption and Chlorine disinfection are all integrated as package within the GWS.

BioCELL: 2-3 mm Polymer lined steel module incorporating aerators, synthetic Biomedia, sludge handling system and online COD, DO monitoring under PLC control.
Special blend media suitable for grey water combined with activated carbon formed as one system under full automatic controlled backwash/regeneration.
PHC controlled injection system comprising polymer tank, mixer, controlled and residual chlorine analyzer. Disinfectant is feet through injection nozzle and into SS316 static mixer to ensure complete contact of effluent.
Process Description
Technical Data